Monday, August 1, 2011

I hate water. I hate baths. I hate the sprinklers. I hate the rain. I hate getting wet - even if it is only two drops. Ungus, on the other hand, likes getting wet. He thinks it is fun to run back and forth through the sprinklers. He likes walking in the rain - the same rain that Dad and I try to avoid. He even likes getting a bath - though he does wiggle a lot, and I think he has a contest with himself as to how far he can shake the droplets off of his wet fur. I try to be in the other room when he gets a bath.

This morning the sprinkler was on in the upper garden. Ungus isn't supposed to go up there by himself. But he was all excited, for what ever reason- the wind probably changed or something - and when Dad came to get us from the back yard to go in the house, Ungus took off up the path to the upper garden. Most of the path is stone, but there are parts that are just dirt and when the sprinkler is on, they turn to mud. Ungus goes zooming up the path through the sprinkler and the mud - Dad called him back, and to his credit he did come. But then he went back. Back through the sprinkler and the mud. Back and forth about six times. When Dad finally got him out he was soaked and mud up to his tummy!

We have a big tub outside that we take baths in, in the summer. Dad fills it up with water in the morning, and by the afternoon the sun has it all warm. It wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't hate baths. But this wasn't bath day and Ungus, if he hadn't been black in the first place, sure was now. So in he comes to get a bath (I ran and hid). There were lots of splashing noises and gargling noises and wet slopping noises. Then silence. Then Dad says, "You can come out, now," to me. I come out and Ungus is getting a towel rub! I know it doesn't make any sense, but I love towel rubs, Yeah, I know. You only get them after you've gotten wet, and I don't want to get wet, just to get a towel rub. But I LOVE towel rubs! And Ungus was getting one. Finally he was as dry as he was going to get, so Mom let him go. He zoom-dried around the kitchen about ten times rubbing on everything and rolling and wiggling. I envied him the towel rub. Why can't I have a towel rub WITHOUT the bath? I was good, and didn't get muddy. It must have shown on my face. Mom beckoned me over. It might have been damp from Ungus' bath, but Mom gave me a great towel rub. Without the bath! Mom loves me!

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