Monday, August 15, 2011

And how long is a Dog Year?

A short word about "Dog Years." They say that dogs age seven years for every year a human does. I really don't know that that means. Time is a strange thing in general, and even stranger from a dog's point of view. Sometimes Mom and Dad can go away and come back, and say, "I'm sorry we were gone so long." And another time Mom can step out to take something to the garbage can, and it seems like the same amount of time has passed. I am thrilled when they come back, no matter how long it seems to be. I am not worried about them not coming back, I just think it is great when they do and it requires lots of attention exchanges. When ever Mom and Dad go - no matter how long they seem to have been gone, their return requires much welcoming excitement! Ungus understands this completely. He gets ruffled when Dad goes into the bathroom. Ungus tries to get in to "rescue" him. I try to tell him that there is only the one door and that Dad is not able to climb out the window. We pretty much have him trapped in there, but Ungus still thinks we need to make sure, and waits. But about "Dog Years." To take the concept to the next level, just remember. When you say, "I'll take you out in just a minute, [insert your own dog's name here]. Or, "[insert your own dog's name here], I'll feed you in just a minute; It's really seven minutes to your dog, and thats a long time to wait to go pee or to wait to be fed.

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