Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ungus has a favorite chew-toy. Most people would call it a cat, but not Ungus. He thinks the cat is there just for his amusement and playtime. Now, I really don't know that much about cats. I know they save poop in perfectly good holes that a bone should be hidden in. Don't they know that Dad goes around with a "Pooper-Scooper?" That alone brings into question any other motives they might have. They are good at catching mice - almost as good as me, but then - geeech - eat them. They have strange hygiene procedures - they lick themselves squeaky clean all over, then go roll in the dust. At least I'm not a hypocrite - I just go straight for the dust! I am not sure what constitutes a smart cat, but I am fairly certain that our cat does not rank there. Mom says, "See that smoke coming out of his ears? Those are his two brain cells rubbing together." So, I guess that means our cat isn't too smart. He loves attention, though. He's always rubbing on people, furniture, rugs, ME! - anything to get petted or purr-worthy. I don't think Gus had ever seen a cat before he came here, and we have just the one. There are more around but Mom says they're 'feral" - I guess that means they only sneak food when they think no one is looking. Our cat is used to me. I was here when he wandered in as a scared, scrawny, tiny kitten. I pretty much ignored him unless he got in the way when I was chasing something else. Then I just bowled him over in my hurry, which was sort of fun in its own right. Ungus, on the other hand, took one look at him and figured he belonged in the toy basket! I think, in spite of his mental limitations, the cat has figured out that Ungus can't actually hurt him. So, when Ungus tries something, like chewing on the cat's ears, the cat gets all puffy and makes a rarrowgle sound and bats at Ungus with his paws. I know he isn't serious, though. Dogs have pretty good toe nails. They are designed so we can dig holes to bury things in, or dig up stuff that is already in a hole. Cats have toe nails, too, but they are sharp! Very sharp! And curved. And sharp! Dog toe nails are always in the same place, but cats can make their toe nails stick out. And they are sharp!. Or they can hide their toe nails somewhere inside their paws. It's sort of neat. And they are sharp! The cat always bats at Ungus with his toe nails hidden inside his paws. Otherwise, Ungus would have ribbons for ears and cry a lot - 'cause they are SHARP! Ungus has to be on a long, long leash when he is on the patio. When he comes inside, the leashed gets coiled up near the door. The cat seems to think this coil of leash is a good place for a nap. Ungus has discovered a neat thing. If he is careful when Dad hooks him up, the cat won't move. Then Ungus can take of at a dead run and the cat gets slid along on the coil of leash with his legs waving in the air until the leash all gets unwound. It's pretty funny. Then Ungus runs over to the cat and makes a rush at him. Cat is still dizzy from the leash ride, so he takes off and Ungus gets to chase him. Cat comes back in a couple of minutes, though, and he and Ungus go at it again. Pounce  rarrowgle Pounce  Feint  Slap  rarrowgle  Squeak Rush Bat PUFF Bark!         Sigh.

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