Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ungus got into trouble.         *pause*           *evil chuckle*     "he he he". 

There is a middle school near us. We, and a lot of other Moms and Dads, go there with their doggies to play. It has lots of cool grass and a big fence all around, so even if Ungus get up a good head of steam, he can't go too far without conking into a fence. Sometimes there are even kids there to play with us. Ungus gets really excited when he sees someone, either doggie or human. He wiggles all over and wants to go and greet them. We were walking over at the school yesterday. They have a "track" that humans like to run on. They just run around and around - they aren't even chasing a ball or a squirrel or anything - they just run around in a circle. Go figure. This morning there were three little girls running around in a circle. They saw us and said, "Oh, what a cute little Scotty puppy!" Ungus wiggled his way over to them and they made a big fuss over him. He was in doggie heaven with all their attention. So much so, when Dad called him back to be with us, Ungus didn't come. Oh, the sacrilege! I don't ever remember doing that! Dad tried several times to get Ungus to come back to us, but he wanted to play with the little girls and didn't come. Finally the little girls walked over to us and Ungus trotted happily along with them. They all gave me a nice pet and told me I was a good dog. I didn't get the "Oh, isn't he cute!" greeting. but they told me I was a good dog and a nice doggie, and I'll settle for that. Meanwhile, Dad clips the leash back onto Ungus. The little girls go back to their circle running and when Ungus turned to follow them, he found he was leashed up. He tried to struggle after them for a moment, then realized Dad had him good. He whined and sniveled, but Dad said, "NO! You didn't come when called, so you can't be loose, right now." Ungus hung his head and promised he would never do it again, but it didn't matter. He had to stay on the leash all the way home. I sort of felt sorry for the little guy, hanging his head and dragging his little feet; staying right with Dad by way of apology. This morning we went back to the school. There was a lady running in circles and she stopped to give Ungus attention when he wiggled his way over to her. Dad called him back. He looked at the lady then at Dad, and finally came slowly back over to us. The lady laughed and said that we were, "... good dogs," and ran off. Ungus watched her go, then looked at Dad. Dad bent over and told him he was a good dog to "come" Ungus got all wiggly and flopped over to get scratched, and we walked on with no leashes. Maybe he will learn the "good dog" stuff, OK, after all. And maybe tomorrow, he'll get in trouble again and I'll get to chuckle again.  He he he.

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