Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some doggie toys make a squeaky sound when you bite them SQUEAKSQUEAKSQUEAKSQUEAK. Its fun and really kind of satisfying while you are chewing on them. Mom says , "...they're annoying!" I pretend I don't know what that means. When Ungus gets really excited and tries to bark, he makes a noise like those squeaking toys. We have a toy Mom calls the alligator. I guess 'cause it looks like an alligator, but since I have never seen one, it's hard for me to tell. I had alligator when I was a puppy, I chewed on it some and it does have a great squeeky sound, but there were other toys I liked better, so when Ungus comes along, alligator is still just there in the toy box. Ungus seemed to really like alligator, and the first thing Ungus did was chew off all his toes. Then the end of his tail. then his lower jaw. During all this chewing, alligator is making that great squeaking noise I mentioned - the one that sounds like Ungus when he gets excited. Over the last few weeks Ungus has whittled away at alligator. Feet are gone, most of his head and tail are gone, all chewing accompanied by that great squeak.

Mom, Dad and I were in the office, working - my job is security - and there was a non-musical chorus of squeaking coming from the other room, part from an excited Ungus and part from alligator. Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak! SQUEAK. Then, strangely, the squeaks were together, sort of, like Ungus and alligator were both squeaking at exactly the same time. Mom looked toward the door as the yodeling squeaks continued.

Just then, Ungus staggers into the office, still squeaking like crazy. He was all foamy around the mouth like Dad looks when he is getting a trim on his chin (I was waiting for someone to yell "RABIES"). Mom made a noise, kind of like, "GLACHG" and rush to Ungus. Ungus thought he was in trouble (gee I wonder why) and tried to evade Mom, but she got him anyway. She pried open his mouth and said, "Oh! Ye cats!" though I don't know what the cat had to do with it, and stuck her fingers in Ungus' mouth. After a short lived battle, Mom won and pulled out alligator's squeaker that had gotten stuck really good on Ungus' teeth. Then he got his mouth washed out and a drink of water and he was as good as new. Alligator and all of his pieces, however, were put into the garbage bin, with much protesting from Ungus, who wanted his chew toy back. Mom said, "No! One close call per day, only" I guess that means she'd rather not have Ungus try and kill himself more than once a day. I did notice that Mom kept alligators squeaker, though. Sometimes, when Ungus is in the other room, she blows on it...    just for fun.

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