Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'd like to say a few words about plastic 2 liter soda bottles. What does that have to do with raising a puppy, you ask? Mom accidently dropped one on the way out the the garbage can, and Ungus pounced on it (like he does everything that gets dropped, whether it is his or not). He bit the cap and scooted the bottle all over the place. Mom and Dad though it was funny... "he's so cute" [with the bottle]; so now, there are 2 liter c**a cola bottles every where. Dad puts a couple of rocks in them so they will rattle. They squish the air out of most of them so they can't roll away from the little guy, and he can actually grab, carry and chew them - they crackle and rattle really well. Ok, it is actually funny to watch him carry one - it looks like he has a bottle instead of a head. Sometimes he gets lucky and can "skateboard" on one, and they do occupy him an appreciable amount of the time. But with all the cool doggie toys he has - and he plays with MINE, too! - why soda bottles? And why does he need 18 of them. What is wrong with two. One inside and one outside. There is a big patch of violets in one garden where he and I play "Battleship and Submarine"... more on that later. It has so many soda bottles in it it looks like they grew there. The patio is even worse. You would think a soda truck had wrecked nearby. He can't play with more than two at a time, so, why so many? What's the big deal with them. I'll... *bite bite-rattle rattle rattle - crackle - snap - shake - crunch - bite* hey, this IS fun...uh, don't tell anyone OK?

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