Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ungus gets to wear a long leash when we are on the patio 'cause he still doesn't know not to wander away, yet. Will he ever learn not to wander away? He calls it, "Exploratory sniffing." I call it, "Go fetch Ungus time." We have a nice bar-b-cue pot that Dad cooks on a lot, even in the winter. Though it smells wonderful, it is HOT! I didn't ever actually get to touch the bar-b-cue when I was a pup; when I didn't know better, thank goodness. The 150 decibel screech from Mom, who thought I had burned myself, was enough make me swear off bar-b-cue forever.

Ungus gets short shanked when the bar-b-cue is getting used, so he can't reach it. His revenge for that is to wind his leash around everything that touches the ground (including me, Mom and Dad, the cat, all the furniture, the occasional briquette bag and a plant or two. Mom gives the "come back" command, which means you are supposed to retrace your steps - I am really good at it - but Ungus hasn't got that bit yet, so he adds a few more things to the tangle before Dad gives up and unties both ends so we can play a game of unravel, which Ungus loves - he tries to keep things from getting untied. Wait - does he do it all on purpose? If I find out he is...

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