Friday, July 29, 2011

If Ungus hadn't been born in April, I would swear he was a scorpio. He can disappear faster than a bullet. He's there one second and gone the next, and that we have some black carpets doesn't help. He is small enough to use them as camouflage. Mom and Dad have both stepped on him 'cause he blends in with the rug. I don't know why Mom and Dad don't use their noses to find him. Its a lot easier than all the name calling and whistling. 

The bad part is that when he goes to sleep, he really goes to sleep - conks out cold, so when we look for him, he might not wake up! After all the looking and whistling, I sniff him out in the hall closet or the rose garden or somewhere similar and he gives me the, "What was all the fuss about?" woof. 

Sometimes he gets back to where he was supposed to be without anyone seeing him. Dad says it's a "glitch in the Matrix" when he does that, 'cause no one sees him move. I told Mom we should get one of those little tinkle bells like the cat wears (to scare the birds) for him. Dad says it is undignified for a Scot to "tinkle," so no bell. Ungus would probably figure out how to ninja around so it wouldn't ring, anyway, and I would get blamed if he got in  trouble, 'cause I hadn't been, "Looking out for baby brother." Sneaky - thy name is Ungus. Wait! Sheesh - where did he get off to, now?!

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