Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This morning started with a lot of excitement at about 4:30 a.m. (sheesh - I need my sleep!) Ungus woke up choking and coughing. Dad was out of bed like he had been spring loaded and rushed to Ungus' bed, but the pill had stopped coughing and figured Dad was just there to take him outside to pee. I didn't have the heart to tell Dad that Ungus probably just ate one of his good shoe laces.

Actually  he has been pretty good about sleeping all night, little bladder and all, but if anything does wake him up, he thinks that's a sign, and wants to go out and see if there is anything interesting in the back yard - like a skunk, maybe. Then I get to listen to Dad stubbing his toes on furniture and wandering around half asleep taking Ungus outside. Then after five minutes, Mom thinks they have gotten lost, so she sends me after them. I usually find them on the stairs on their way back to bed, but I couldn't tell Mom that, if I had waited 30 more seconds, they would have been back. She worries. Ungus even got an extra g'night cookie so he would fall back to sleep. Me? No cookie - they just expect me to go to sleep after all the excitement. I guess I'll just pace around the room, like I need to go outside, too. OK, in a minute - I'll just lay down for a second, then I'll pace around... I'll pace in a second... pace... zzzzzz.

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