Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Great Poodle Scare!

Last night we were all snoozin' in our beds. Dad snores, Mom hums, Ungus smacks his lips (gee I wonder what HE's dreamin' about). And me - I make no noise at all. Of course not. I am a gentleman - er, gentledog - or -  whatever. Anyhow, last night, all of us were sound asleep, we were awakened by a terrible AUUUGH - NOOOO! yell! - Dad did his spring loaded leap out of bed. I was ready to bite burglars. Ungus jumped up on the bed and tried to hide in dad's blanket and Mom... Mom? Mom was the one who had made the terrible noise! She was still gasping when we all ran over to her - OK, Ungus wobbled - it's a waterbed. She was holding her head, going, "Oh, my gosh!" Dad asked, "What happened?" I nuzzled her hand and Ungus had that "What the heck's goin' on?" face on. "Oh, It was awful!" Mom answered. "I dreamed we took Ungus in to have his first 'big boy' haircut... and they trimmed him like a POODLE! Oh, it was terrible!" Dad just sighed and climbed back into bed. Ungus asked "What's a Poodle?" like it was a hair-do instead of a dog. Me? If it weren't for Dad telling us all to "...Zip it and go back to sleep, I'd still be rolling on the floor laughing - I mean, can you picture it - Ungus trimmed like a poodle!  HA HA HA hahahahahah!

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